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Recent content by amarinder

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    Why Repetition Of Bani Is Neccesary?

    I have started doing mol-mantr. It often written/advised to do this path for half an hour or more. And do this throughtout the day when we get time. Why repetition over period of time is important?? Why few mins are not enough?
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    Freshness In Mouth While Reciting Waheguru Simran.why?

    This sensation comes after 15-20 mins. Accompanied by a slight feeling a happiness and stress free state.Also, more saliva starts producing in mouth. I am not able to do simran for long periods of time.But I am curious where I go from here.
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    Freshness In Mouth While Reciting Waheguru Simran.why?

    Whenever i recite waheguru simran, i start feeling freshness or calmness at the bottom end of my tongue, basically where the neck starts. Why?
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    Is This The End?

    So you think, the top post priority should be do Simran? All the other things will fall in line slowly. Is this what you mean?
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    Where Can I Get Poems Written By Guru Gobind Singh

    Heard a lot about poems written by guru gobind singh. Some authors say they can turn a coward into a lion. I want to read some of them but i cant find them on net. If anybody has it, plz share
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    Is This The End?

    I have never been outside punjab. One of the main reason that sikhism is punjab is going down that our society as a whole determines what an individual does in his or her life. While deciding career, we think engineer and doctor get most respect so we do that. We think people with big cars get...
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    Is This The End?

    Jawarlal nehru once said," Most of the big Empires fell not because of external forces but because of the crumbling within." Same is true for our religion. We fought the hardest battles but is on the verge to loose because of our own people. In my school's class, out of total 20 boys, 18 were...