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Recent content by amar7979

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    Sikh Girls: A Confused Lot. Are Parents To Blame?

    Excellent Baljeet ji !! Way to go... "Why try to fit in when you are born to Outstand" (as i keep on repeating)
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    Advice For Making A Change From Sikhism

    Amarsanghera jio, By 'Identity' here i meant the physical identity (Sikh saroop) which the person(4629) intends to loose and is asking for opinions. Your explanation of 'identity' does make so much sense but I guess the name and intent of this thread is not worth of such fine discussion. Why...
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    Advice For Making A Change From Sikhism

    Since You've Already Made Up Your Mind (might Have Done It By Now) So There's No Point Of Telling You What Treasure You Are Going To Loose... i Wonder... What Will Be Your Identity Then? ...but Whenever You Realize Do Correct Your Mistake My Friend, Then All Spn Sangat Will Help You waheguru...
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    Young Sikh Men Get Haircuts

    Thank You Aman veerji !!
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    Young Sikh Men Get Haircuts

    26 Sikh 'Sabat Surat' Men from all over India came together for a common cause to declare, 'Sabat Surat Turbaned Singhs do look dashing on the ramp as well' at the 'Mr. Singh India 2008'. Jatinderpal Singh of New Delhi won the title. "WHY TRY TO FIT IN WHEN YOU ARE BORN TO OUTSTAND"...
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    Young Sikh Men Get Haircuts

    Keeping hair and 'keeping them clean and neatly tied' is equally important. Turban fulfils both these requirements. The quantity of Vitamin D required by our body is fulfilled by absorbtion of sun's rays by our skin. Here in India we dry our hair in sun every week after a hair wash. (I do it)...
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    How To Read The Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji?

    Well said Surinder Kaur ji....Kudos. I completely agree to it. We tend to make simple things look and feel complicated. "Jin prem kiyo tin hi prabh payo" !! 'Love' is the key to the Lord !!
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    Im not aware of the rehet on the subject but once someone decides and starts taking out 'daswandh' (in any form) half of the battle is won. Now, defining the channels is your own creativity. Here are some possible ways suggested by SPN Sadh Sangat: 1. Help poor in any form. Be it...
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    DASWANDH Human life enjoys a higher status than animals. Gurbânî says, — Avar jon(i) terî panihârî. Is(u) dhartî meh terî sikdârî. (Page 374) (O man, you are the supreme being of all the worldly life. Other living being are in your service.) He who spends life of selfish interests is not a...
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    5 Symbols Of Faith

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    I don't know but i do not feel the comfortable with the idea of adding 'sardar' to any damn joke. Does it sound more funny !! Strange to find such jokes on SPN !! Well...my personal point of view....Absolutely no offenses to any one !
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    5 Symbols Of Faith

    My friend, Welcome to SPN... try following links : You were Blocked. Not Just "Aritcles of Faith".* The 5 K's: The symbols of the Sikh faith.
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    Postcard From Punjab

    Thats a fact...i completely agree.
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    Wake Up Call - 2

    I agree and appreciate your views...but the point of thought is 'What are we really doing in this direction?' There are certain organisations like SPN contributing their bit...i feel the spirit must enlighten among each one of us.
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    Support Sarika

    Signed.... Ignorance about Sikhism !!