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Shiva poster 2

Shiva poster 2
Satyaban, Jul 23, 2009
    • mohit
      yes, as what i could understand about lord shiva as a personality reflecting great capability to tolerate the hardships & still having smile on the face.He is one of the dieties who is shown meditating & deeply engrossed in recitation of 'Nam' un very tough physical & environmental conditons. We ordinary humanbeings loose heart as we face adverse situations.Even how many of us are able to keep our greed for money under control whether sanyasi or a family man.
      2nd fact is that His capacity to tolerate the evil people around him. as are many legends in shiv purana many demons asked blessings from him & he even blessed them & tried to give them sermons or good advice.we ordinary human beings don,t love or tolerate our friend or relative who is not upto our expectations. we don,t have the patience & selfless actions. we are just selfish creatures who deliver sermons only to rich & powerful .we don,t have selfless true love.
      we are only but prasth ( idol worshippers) & never imbibed the real thought conveyed by the diety in our lives.
      my faults may be forgiven ,
      may god bless us all.
    • Satyaban
      Please accept my apologies for the incredible delay of my response. I try to speak with caution about evil relative to Lord Shiva because the truth is that there is no evil. Although we consider so peoples actions vile, hateful etc etc it does us well to remember all is created by The Creator and that The Creator is within all. Thus all is divine and has purpose.
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