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Dr Karminder Singh of Sikhi Vichar Forum and Gurcharan Singh Brar of Singh Sabha Canada discuss the origins of Ragmala
Sat Sri Akaal,

Rags are expression that repeatedly erupts within to make sound of Shabad, by virtue of acquired learning.

There was reference of Bhairo Rag, and contest was Shabad Marey means there are few sounds which die, by the virtue of learning. SIKHI.

FOR EG. A LEARNED Sikh Gursikh, will never make utterance of caste ie Jatt, bhappa, baniya. ramgariya etc. These shabad will die and will not appear to make Sound in Gursikh.

Also the sounds and other vices disappear as a result of purification of thought.

This happens after a practice of Gurusbani and after a long way practice, which ends the old operative and one comes with new narrative of life.

This is the concept from Shabad Marey. Death of Sounds.

Intellactual sikhs who may be old and well versed with text and verses of GurusBani but have not shed the rags ie Shabads of casteism, racism, language, colour etc are not yet evolved fully.

Even at end nodes, the SIKHs will have Duality, confusion and Contradiction of Gurus Bani, though well versed in text and reading.

Obedience and Faith are prime virtues, which Gursikh attains ONE and is on the way for Khalsa.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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Sat Sri Akaal,

Limit is Anand Bani ie awareness of right and wrong as regular curriculum ie Nitnem, but the transformative when pruning, uprooting and burning of weed thoughts were left and not brought as curriculum of Nitnem. And it has results of reerruption.

The weeds have rerrupted,
Duality hence.Lack of faith in our own system.
Intellactual arrogance hence lack of obedience and followance of belief system.

Casteism, hierarchy, intolerance, status of service, as brahmin, vaish, shudar etc are in practice ie few practicing are giving huge market display and giving a cover of wrong doings at grass root display. Killing of week and humble was way to lead.

Terror groups wanted to implant Sikhism, by force, killing of innocent people seeking scientific education in and providing humble service in Punjab.,
Not by the way of Spiritual Education and practice along with scientific education, but false practice and ritualistic implantation, and yet they got glory in SIKH society, leading to downfall of institutional values. Service of food, is another false display of SIKHs, as the TRUE service is when it is asked for, but by gaining wealth, we want to serve who do not need, and waste, how fruitful is that service.

Service has criteria of need. Need of survival. Are we serving those, who are on verge of survival.
Once one has to serve need of others, there is a sacrifice. Than only it is SERVICE. It is there blessing to Seekers come from Nature.

SIKHs want leadership, and five basics rules.

Five Loved Ones
Daya Dharam Humility Discipline and Faith

The five virtues which brings the leadership, are made to walk bare foot on roads, for false display of ritual.
Yet with beard and turban we are seekers.
We are in bliss, while walking with barefoot, on road, not having the bearance of leadership virtues, but fake ritual display.
But when we will learn, have faith in our own belief system, and come to conclusion of discussions, to.lead and follow.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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Sat Sri Akaal,

Learned Society Gursikhs

Will work on spiritual training before dusk and after dawn.
There will be no fake bhai, raagis, all will serve
Serving brothers and sisters. Who attain Dharam Daya, Humility, Discipline and Faith. They will be serving professionals.
They don't need free langar.
Skills Development Langars of
House Keeping aware of waste recycling at the source.
Cookery aware of health and nutrition
Doctors and Nurses of caliber to serve any natural and professional disabilities.
Military and Police professional of high merit will govern and implement policies
Researchers will know there faith and belief system and value research to serve living and life. And will be able to resolve debate and conclude during early life to benefit research.
Offering of basic education, medical services, will be available.
Every one who can will earn food for self and who can not will get food.

Outside world is charming and people are NRI because of systems. There is inner connect.

Seekers have to implement.

Beard and Turban values is honour living.
an intrinsic value of HUMAN.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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