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Hijacking of Sikhi Part 5 Dr Karminder Singh

Karminder Singh Dhillon PhD (Boston) discusses the distortion, corruption and adulteration of Sikh literature at the hands of the nirmlas.
Swarn ji, I can help you with the book set. What is your country of residence?
Thank you, I have noted your address and removed it from public. Why because these are SPN's privacy guidelines. :)
The bramanic is two type nirakari nir ahankari brahmin who is the child of one brahma . And there is ahankari brahmins or body concious brahmins . first there is ek sath guru created by shiva parampitha jyothi bindu . There is sun dynasty brahmins they dont do hatha yoga but raja yoga . Sikhism is closer to sathya narayana and hinduism was actually the down fall of all narayana . There is the first king that is worshiped in christianity and islam too. The creation only happens once . No gurus or brahmins or abraham or christ destroyed the old body concious and fearful brahmins and transformed those brahmins are now shoodra after taking several life in heaven and hell which is now .last one 500 year is hell for son dynasty souls .and this time guru nanak came just like christ or abraham . But he came later when 100%pieceful sun dynasty kingdom fell down . For example such kings like pritwi raj did not do yoga or meditation when islam invaded and forcefully tried to convert. In that time guru nanak came and fought like those true kings for the last 500 years . For courage sikh shatriya is the most highest even higher than sun dynasty hindu kings . Some brahmins take knowledge from shiva and make there own theory yes those sankrith speaking sanyasis like arya samaj. True brahmins speak hindi that every one understand . in the end every one become worshiper and lost peace of mind and happiness. There is no kings any more even in islamic religion .all kings become worshippers and no comanding power . now all brahmins (not wordly0) become shoodra and kinds become worshippers . The history will repeat again . The dieties are worship worthy but who makes them worship worthy is paramathma . Paramathma does not want you to do hatha yoga but raja yoga meaning consider your self as athma and remember shining ever shining paramathma to destroy body conciousness and create soul conciousness . Worshipping makes you a begger and remembering paramathma that is sath sanathana dharma will makes you a king .
You are presenting a drama of myth. there is no vishnu, brahma or shiva. it is a myth. how the worshippers perceive in their mind that is how they explained. then the brahmins took over and they made their living through telling self conceived stories. that whole thing led to the demise of indian minds and they lost to every one whoever wanted to conquer them, their philosophy became that i am here and you come and sit next to me. it did not so happen. they robbed the indians and made them more helpless. so do not spread the myth which brought india to this stage and sink it further. sorry for all this.

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