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Aman Singh

Dasam Granth Veechar Gosti

https://youtu.be/VLyOoLHgeGU?t=15m34s Dated: 15 August 2016 G. Ranjeet Nagar Kanpur

Aman Singh, Aug 17, 2016
    • techsingh
      Poor job done by the Singh, not saying that I could do better. This is the basic understanding I have gained from reading the opinions of various members of this forum and others and have formed my own opinions in regards.

      90% of DG is garbage at best when compared with AGGS, our only Guru. Even the authentic looking banis like Akal Ustat, Jaap, Zafernamah are questionable on the basis that they are not part of AGGS.

      Why is the DG filled with Hindutva and mythlogical stories. The answer usually given is to fill Singh's with bir raas. But then how did sikhs of Guru Hargobind Shaib gain bir rass? The logical answer would be via the Enlightening Philosophy/Gurmat.

      Then the pornographic stories. Reasons given are there is a moral to the story but the only moral I understand is do not ever trust the character of a woman and very occasionally do not trust the character of a man. There is nothing beneficial to be gained here except for paranoia. Do the naam simran type sikhs also chant these chritars. If not, Why not. If we go by there definition of Naam Simran=Chanting/meditating.
      269 chiratas of women deceit
      26 chritars of men deceit
      Why the big discriminating difference?

      Bachitar Natak. Anyone with an ounce of understanding knows this is anti gurmat. When I first read it was a WTH moment.

      When all else fails, so and so sikh have supported DG, you should also.
      Is this not against Gurmat, follwing blindly. What about using your bibek budhi? Sikh can be respected but is capaple of making mistakes this includes me and all sikhs since the time of Guru Nanak Ji. Only Abhull is AGGS. We have alot more sources now than the sikhs of the past. That is why we need to point out inaccuracies of the past.

      Why did Guru Gobind Singh ji used "patshahi 10th" instead of Nanak. Why did he want to confuse his sikhs? Usually the answer given is unsatisfactory, he considered himself to be lower than Guru Nanak Ji and other Guru Shabian. But isnt the title Patshahi alot more glamorous then just say, Nanak? He did not want to add his bani to AGGS, Why? I have not found a sufficient answer for this.

      No one knows for sure which banis were recited during Khande di Pahul ceremony as all have different opinions. But like members of this forum have suggested Guru ji would have added them to the AGGS. With jap, So dhar and shoila. Such important banis should have not been left out of AGGS.

      The conclusion i come to is if you interpet the AGGS Using vedic philosophy. Then it is very plausible for you to believe in DG to be the bani of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Many opinions and presumptions are provided via rehat namah and etc. but no athunetic proofs other than the interperters saying"patshahi 10th is Guru Gobind Singh" as we know Guru Shaibian have used "nanak" or "M:1, M5" So its still unclear who is patshahi 10th. This is the understanding i have as of right now, gained from reading opinions of members on this forum and others. There are many more inaccuracies in the so called DG and are all questionable. The main thing is that Aad Guru Granth Shaib is our only Guru as per the hukam of Guru Gobind Singh ji.
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    • Kully

      Sir you ask (and answer) "The answer usually given is to fill Singh's with bir raas. But then how did sikhs of Guru Hargobind Shaib gain bir rass? The logical answer would be via the Enlightening Philosophy/Gurmat."

      No Sir. Guru Hargobind saw a massive change of direction from "emlightening philosophy/gurmat" to one of physical presence. Miri-Piri. Piri had been initiated by Guru Nanak until the time of 6th Guru when it was complemented by Miri. Guru Sahib started the practice of shastar vidiya amongst the Sikhs and also the important practice of "dhadi waran".

      Dhadi waran is still played at Akal Takht today, and the dhadis used to sing ballads of war and heroism, and recount battles from history. This inspired bir rass. Otherwise if the gurmat philosophy that was apparent in Pothi Sahib at the time was enough, there would have been no need to start Dhadi waran at all.
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    Aug 17, 2016
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