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Aman Singh

Aeso Achrajj Dekheo Kabir

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6FIe5k0Ff0 [Raag Gauri SGGS Ang 326]

Aman Singh, Jul 28, 2016
    • swarn bains
      he is a radical preacher
    • Aman Singh
      What is radical about his interpretations? Thank you
    • swarn bains
      Any one can do katha because they all have certain teeka with them they follow that and then add a spice from their own mind. all preachers have their own way to explain but one thing is a must and common for all kathakars. that speak slow and sweet so that it does not irritate the audience because some audience listen with devotion and love. but he talks very loud and in an irritant voice. he is not old that my be the reason he will slow down when he gets old and still continuing katha.
    • Aman Singh
      Honestly, i am yet to find anybody reaching his level of understanding of Gurmat values & principles and support his arguments from Gurbani at such a young age. If telling the truth spade a spade on your face sounds like adding a spice or irritant then truth is supposed to be irritant.

      What do you think about Guru Nanak questioning the prevalent belief systems during His times?

      IMHO Guru Nanak was the most aggressive critic of His times...

      What do you mean by slow and sweet sugary talk?

      Talking just to appease the audience?

      What do you mean by loud and in irritant voice?

      IMHO We should focus what he is talking. If he is testing our age old belief system then he is going to sound loud and irritant because our ego does not allow us to grasp new thoughts, new ideas.
    • swarn bains
      i am not questioning his ability to explain. telling the truth is the best thing but i am saying the way he comes out or speaks. it is a saintly congregation where the kathakars do katha. their way of talking should be slow swett and appealing to the audience. For example Maskeen. how slow and sweet he talks, he may be telling stories of muslims he may be telling lies but his expression pulls the mind in in a saintly congregation.
    • swarn bains
      Today I was listening to katha from Bangla sahaib. it is from oct 1.2016. the chapter was chandi de war. the kathakar had book which he kept looking at. he started from hindus from ancient times and explained that there was no power for them to contest, so they started fighting against each other such as chandi de war a battle of durga agains mhkhsur and sumbh Nisumbh and finally got tired of it and gave up fighting. Then came Sikander lodhi who conquered India. India was under muslim rul for 700 years. now they have no one to fight like hindus. so they are fighting among themselves and the out come is ISIS. He said believe me they are also muslims and follow the muslim ideology. Then he came around and said that Keso das a hindu priest came to Ananad pur sahib and told guru Gobindd singh jee that the devi is angry and you have to make her happy by worshiping but finally he could not do so and ran away. then he said the name of Durga who fought the battle of chandi de war once in a while he would say the name of Mehkhasur. He said the guru jee wrote chandi de war saying if the woman can win the battle agains Mehkhsur then why not you. i have dasam granth and I took the chapter out to see if he would say anything about the actual chandi de war. He did not say word. The net result of complaint here is that most of the kathakar keep on babbling what comes to their mind aimlessly and try to impress the audience because very rarely anyone listens to it. I have attend the katha of some kathakars and the net result is they make fool of the congregation and make their money and yet people keep sitting and watching when the audience seems to be out of tune then the kathakar says a slogan which he has mastered, such as bolo wahiguru or dhan dhan guru Gobind singh jee, dhan baba Nanak etc. to bring then in his fold and yet most of them are not serious listener. But most of them speak slow and with a sweet voice so that the audience keep looking at their face. The outcome of any and all kathakars is zero
    • swarn bains
      my objection to Dhonda's katha is that how he comes across. they way kathakars come across. compare him with bhai sahib singh from markanda or prof manjit singh sabka jathedar akal takhat. then you will find why I call him radical. that is all otherwise any kathakar fulfills his or her duty
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    Aman Singh
    Jul 28, 2016
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