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dalsingh, May 27, 2008
    • spnadmin
      Dal ji

      I have seen a number of pics like this, but not this one specifically. Are these soldiers marching through Italy following Montecasino? Maybe not, because it looks as if there are the ruins of a city in the background and the ruins of city walls. This may be in France.

      On the emotional side -- Look at these men. The exhaustion is so evident in the faces of the three in the front. They suck in the hardship. But they do not look crushed, and rather ever so determined to make their way methodically along a rubbled path. However slow, they will be determined. The soldier, second one from the front, planting his cane, not stumbling or wavering.

      The story in the back of the picture also so poignant without being melancholy. An officer, leader of some kind, has stopped, turning toward a line of troops that follow along that winding road. What is he saying to them, without melodrama, but with natural confidence? His posture is not aggressive or over-bearing. He has not lost his ability to command with grace. Is he encouraging someone?

      What ever horrors these men have seen have not broken them or turned their leaders into tyrants.
    • dalsingh
      Yes Antonia I agree. I also came across some accounts of Australian soldiers who liberated a pacific island (can't remember which one). This had been garrisoned by a small Sikh force and was attacked by a infinitely larger Japanese force and after a determined attempt to repulse this force, the defenders were over run and taken prisoners.

      The Austrailian forces made surprised comments at the discipline of the soldiers they found - all of whom were half starved as POWs and made to work in horrendous conditions. If I can find it again I will post this.
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