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White Listing Sikhphilosophy.Net

Support SPN by White Listing in your internet Browser.

Why should I consider white-listing sikhphilosophy.net on my browser?

- We are a non-profit voluntary setup manged primarily with peer support of member like you;
- We need ad revenue to pay our ever increasing server and bandwidth bills;
- Just viewing the ads helps us even if you never click on them.
- We don't use pop-up ads or ads that auto-play audio.

How do I white-list sikhphilosophy.net without affecting my ad-blocking preferences on other sites?

- AdBlock Plus (Chrome): Click the ABP stop sign icon in your toolbar, and click "Enabled on this site".
- AdBlock Plus (Firefox): Click the the ABP stop sign icon in your toolbar, and click "Disable on sikhphilosophy.net".
- uBlock Origin: Click the uBlock shield in your toolbar, and click the power symbol.

Thank you for supporting Sikhphilosophy.Net!
Aug 9, 2016
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