Which Religions Will Last In Their Current Forms?

Which religions will we still recognise in 3000 AD?

  • Buddhism

    Votes: 7 29.2%
  • Christainity

    Votes: 10 41.7%
  • Confucianism

    Votes: 2 8.3%
  • Animism (eg: Shinto)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sikhism

    Votes: 18 75.0%
  • Islam

    Votes: 10 41.7%
  • Hindusim

    Votes: 10 41.7%
  • Jainism

    Votes: 3 12.5%
  • Wicca

    Votes: 2 8.3%
  • Shamanism/Tribal religions

    Votes: 3 12.5%

  • Total voters

Only Answer in there for UK is unity among Hindus,Jews,Sikhs and Christians against such hooligans.

But we are more interest over there to akj vs kala afghana or akj vs nihungs or nihungs vs taksal and list is endless.

Sikhs being a Sirdar leader can unite the all forces mentioned above and move against these guys who want us to be converted.OK to join hands with BNP as they are also fed up with wahabi idiots.

In east London Seven Kings Gurudwara,go and Ask for Bhai Harpratap Singh Ji. After meeeting him send a PM to das.Das will try to let Nihungs and Hindus join hands with rest.Das has lost the contact of his buddies from BNP and Jews for last few months yet there could be some guys who will stil having some contact among us.

Best of luck and get cracking.

Eat and let girls also eat good lot of pork.convert their girls and thier boys.

Do not be defeinsve but be offensive.Akal will help.Bhai KDSingh Ji.

Wahabi over there are after Hindus,Christians and Jews also.

But Sikhs due to influnce of one Jatha you love to hate and Sants are to much ritualistic and divided so they fall easy pray.

Being to much supprressing in rituals ladies see soalce in Islamic world but by the time they know they are trapped it is too late.

Das has good numbers of missioanris has his firneds in London.But they wait for reform and are afraid to say truth in public beinf afraid of been beaten up.So they are of little help as fearfull person can not be a leader.

Nihungs are OK but have good lot of problems back home which makes them totaly incapable to convert the Muslim back to Gurmat.

Budhadal does not baptises Muslim or Christian as yet.Once das is able to gain thier permission then Gang of Sukha Singh,Kamroop Singh and Baba Nidder Singh will be able to carry out baptism over there.But this may take time.

So weather das succeds to reform Nihungs or not each Sikh under the guiandance of Guru Granht Sahihb as well as Sikh code of conduct by itself needs to be united in UK and take care of these Wahabis.

Some so called Khalisatani leaders are still soft on Muslims and tell Sikhs to restrain else suport they get from Pakistan givenement in uk could be effected.


vijaydeep singh ji i too heard of conversions in u.k. but stabbing boys until they convert or
raping girls until they convert is too much too beleive.How could a developed country allow this.i thought majority of conversions are happenning due to brainwashing because recently u.k. police too tried to investigate the cases and found no evidence.if the situation is so bad then then sikh organisations should do something.
vijaydeep singh ji i too heard of conversions in u.k. but stabbing boys until they convert or
raping girls until they convert is too much too beleive.How could a developed country allow this.i thought majority of conversions are happenning due to brainwashing because recently u.k. police too tried to investigate the cases and found no evidence.if the situation is so bad then then sikh organisations should do something.

There are so many muslims outnumbering the sikhs its crazy, if you want proof, go onto youtube.com look up a gang called PDC, SMS. there from peckham and brixton. look onto website relating to them it might show the kinda stuff they do. As for letting it develop...theres been over 500,000 immigrants in the last 2 years, messing up our country, we are also immigrants but when the sikh community came to england most of the time it was through invitation from the English priminster due to a lack of labour force afta the war, we did not come here just to seek benefits like they are. its crazy the amount of stories you hear.

I do assure you it is happening. about 10 of my freinds have converted sikh and christian. most were willing because if you are muslim, in the rough area you are safe because it is rare to see a muslim rob or beat another muslim out on the street unless there is a personal problem.

like i said look up to gangs, on youtube or websites or the news lol
you will hear of them, mainly consisting of pakistanis, blacks and middle eastern people. And as i said before, their are a lot of powerful sikhs in the uk "Punjabi Mafia" very powerful very rich. but there minds are on money, business here own welfare theyve moved to the suburbs, they have no time for these incidents. And btw they are targeting all religions, but if you see them in the street and you don't say salaam Ala kum or however the spelling is...yor get messed up.


dear sworn avenger

i strongly advise you to please stay on this website and tell the truth to other pro muslim sikhs who don't beleive that these types of things are happening in u.k..Earlier i had debates with some sikhs on muslims but they simply refuse to beleive that these types of things are happening.They simply say that it is just a propaganda by sikhs and some of these sikhs themselves are from u.k..as you yourself are from u.k. and you have great knowledge and personal experiance on this subject so please stay on this website and expose the truth
to all members of spn.
Thank you


1947-2014 (Archived)
Even in the uk sikhs are in the firing line, every city/town muslims dominate it, leaving sikh youths feeling threatened apart from a few towns i.e Southall, Gravesend. Even southall these days is becoming more and more muslim. I see sikh boys converting daily to islam because of the pressure around, this is no exaggeration, there are gangs in London whos main ambition is to convert people to islam using severe violence. aka PDC, SMS. The only hope to fight back was shere punjab boys, but they tourned on their own sikh brothers, began extorting smal businesses, they were eventually chased down, half sent to prison half in hiding from the bigger sikh fish, but these people are only into making money, business, proeprty deals, flash cars. they do not care whats happening to their own people on the street.

Above is the key to what SwornAvenger ji is explaining to us. A culture of criminality where brute force and numbers define values and morals. It is very hard to fight this once it becomes ingrained in a locality. Politicians, police, the public and even those who have made it out of the "hood" do nothing because they don't want to be reminded of the people who are trapped. It could be them, the possibilities are too frightening. It is easier to despise and ignore. The only way to fight this -- and it is a trend everywhere -- is for a few people to be relentless in their love of truth. Here I agree with kds1980 ji.
The unition of sikh, christian and hindus cannot fight this problem. Sikh people are money minded, one track mind for either business, or religion (which is the beast way but cannot help the problem.) Not too many hindus in the uk, but where they are they group together in seperate places away from this atrosites, Christians...Western Culture has lowered christians faith...There are heavy riots in Birmingham (West Midlands) Media and Goverment say this is between Gangs of Black and Asian, This is completely false, this war/riots are between muslim blacks and asian Muslims against Christian Blacks and the odd White person. And to my shame, my brother sikhs joined the muslim riots to politically keep the peace between them and the winning side.

Here i will post some links and information to prove my statements of the extent of force conversion in the U.K's Capital and other major cities.

Small article on the "times online" showing how violence between christian and muslim trouble began according to the media. (but it still points in the same direction, take note of the report of muslim youths attacking people gathering at a church!!!!!)

Man dead as race riot erupts in Birmingham - Times Online

Now i live in London, With relatives in Birmingham, so let me tell you the truth of this story, a young jamaican girl was being forced to convert, when she refused she was skorned as unfaithful and not a "soldier of allah" she was deemed as a ***** so they raped her. Her family was threatened hence the reason she did not report this

Criminal gangs use Islam to intimidate victims | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

These guys are real sick, PDC, It shows a small paragraph about people getting converted at gunpoint, is this not important why then go on to talk about how muslims i scared beacuse of the 9/11 attacks. This link also shows its cool and you gain street cre and protection to become a muslim. this is from the guardian newspaper.

Adrian Marriot shot five times in the head because he didnt convert

Western Resistance: UK: Muslim Prison Gang Attack "Apostate"

ive got loads more, at work at the moment and not got time. but if more proof is required !! and disbelievers let me know. i am a sworn avenger to expose the **** that happens on these Streets.


I thought being a Sikh meant you were a follower of the Guru, and that Singh means lion... It makes me wonder what the hell is going on with Sikhism in the UK...

thats if I read the article correctly, that Sikhs are teaming up with Muslims in Burningham.
Yer, teaming up with the winning side. this isnt the only occasion where they are betraying our values, they've backed up the muslims, yet with the other hand Shere Punjab (Punjabi Gang) are teaming up with the B'N'P (british national party - racist politican scum who funds white supremesist street gangs - combat 18, National Front) apposing the muslims.

Very Sneaky, but shere punjab dont really represent all punjabi's, however they were part of the birmingham riots which means they helping with one hand but striking them with the other. The ration to muslim and sikh is overwhelming there outnumbering us too much.


Shakyamuni Buddha said that his Dharma would only last 2,500 years - leaving us with around 493 years of Buddha Dharma to remain before it fades away, so Buddhism will not be one of them.

Sikhism, however, and Hinduism are timeless.
reg which religion will last in their current forum.
S S Akaal
Sikh religion will last. No other religion can match this religion. So many philosophers from Europe and Western countries have researched on this religion. All says Hats off to theis religion and it followers. Only this religion from the beginning is showing respect for women with equal status like men..People from allwalks of life can come and pray at gurudawaras. No any restriction, people will sit in one Pangat for Guru Ka Langar. There is no any ameer or garibe Raja Yaa Rank, Aam adami yaa chor\dakoo \thug.
The followers of this religion daily prayer and request to the God Sarbat Daa Bhalla.
This religion is really great, I am not saying because I belong to this religion, No other religion on the earth can match wiht this religion. Our Guru says KIRT KARO WAND CHHAKKO, SABH NAAL PREM KARO