Sikh Priest In Kelowna Cleared Of All Charges

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Jun 17, 2004
Sikh priest in Kelowna cleared of all charges

Sikh priest in Kelowna cleared of all charges | AM 1150 Kelowna - News Talk Sports for the Okanagan

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Local News

A Sikh priest in Kelowna has been cleared of all charges after allegations of sexually assaulted a teenager girl were dropped.

Thirty year-old Lakwinder Singh's preliminary hearing was expected to begin this morning, but at the last minute, the proceedings were stayed after defense lawyer Brij Mohan told AM 1150 News the girl lied to police.
"She used her friends urine and she used a pregnancy stick to show she was pregnant. Last night she confessed to the police that this is what she had done to create incriminating evidence against Mr. Singh".

Singh was charged in January of last year with sexually assaulting the teenage girl.

"It is really unfortunate for a person like Mr. Singh, who happened to be a priest who happened to provide teachings for other people to make their life good. His whole life has been ruined because of these false allegations made by the complainant", Mohan added.

At the time of the arrest, Singh was the spiritual leader of a Sikh temple in Rutland.

Regan Bartel - Kelowna

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