Nitnem Bani's - Rushing Through Them

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Today's world is not called Rat race for nothing.... a lot of people RUSH in everything...they rush through their shower....(one was brushing his teeth..while sorting out his clothes..decided to check the stove downstairs..and fell down the stairs swallowing his toothbrush in the process...had to have an operation to remove the toothbrush from his stomach..i digress..apologies..)..RUSH>>>RUSH>>>RUSH>...the Entire Day and NIGHT is spent RUSHING....
Since "Nitnemi Sikhs" are also part and parcel of thsi rat race..they too RUSH their Nitnem....and this RUSH is just as harmful as the other RUSHES...
GURBANI preaches SEHAJ....sehaj...sehaj..and more SEHAJ.

2. About RajKhalsas MARA...becoming RAAM...what about the AKJ's WAHEGURU...becoming in WaheGuru..waheguru...wahe- guru..wahe..
when chanting at speeds..this is result..common phenomenon...:welcome:
I fail to understand Gyani ji when did i claim it was my MARA ... and what about Guru wahe ..i dont understand your point ...i gave reference of a Katha I heard a bandit got transformed into a sage ...with the help of chanting the Lord's name ..i think there is some zeal here to counter anything good said by the Hindus ...

with such mindsets i can understand some champions out to alter the Banis and replacing RAM with Waheguru ...