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"Geldof threatened eBay with disruption and loss of reputation, calling on users to undermine its business and break the terms of their membership. As an act of cultural terrorism it was just as objectionable and may have serious consequences for the long-term shape of the online world.

After all, if Geldof can get items removed from auction, who else is going to use this as a tactic in future?"

Last time I checked, he never threatened Ebay in a violent way, he just said he would have protests that would disrupt the service and his followers would abandon ebay, therefore they would lose reputation. Also, the Sikh leaders never threatened in a violent way, but the play was closed because it COULD happen (violence), whose loss is that? Not ours, Not Geldof's. It's a protest without violence, just because people stop since they get scared that violence MAY outbreak is not any of our faults. Everytime nations have diplomatic meetings to sign treaties, violence can easily outbreak (at the meeting, or nations at war). Does that mean that every treaty is "cultural terrorism" ?

Cultural terrorism? My IQ just dropped 5 points from reading that article.