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Launching SPN on Telegram Mobile/Desktop Platform


Dear SPn'ers, SPN is going high-tech! Now you can also join our all new Telegram Group of SPN'ers for lively debates and discussions. You can easily join platform by visiting the following link:

🔗 Sikh Philosophy Network

You can download Telegram app on your mobile & desktop devices at the following link:

🔗 Telegram – a new era of messaging

❤️ Telegram's desktop app allows you to run the group on your computers and laptops all the time.

🙏 If you face any difficulty in installing or using this Application, please let us know.

This platform would allow our members to stay connected in a more organized manner.

SPN-Telegram Group is still in its infancy as we are developing the platform and its scope of activites.

Please stay tuned for more information. 🙏

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