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Kabeer destroys the idea of external gurus (books and human)


May 28, 2024

Kabeer describes the Sikhs and the Guru!?​

“Kabeer, what can the Sat Gur do when his learners (Sikhs) are at fault?”
“Blindly they do not take to even one of his teachings; akin to blowing bamboo” (1372)
Who is this “Guru” Kabeer is referring too?
This is well before Nanak and the Granth.
Who are the Sikhs Kabeer refers too?
Again this is well before Nanak.
It’s quite obvious.
The Sikhs are the entirety of humanity.
Because each human is created with a Sat Gur within them then we are all automatically disciples or Sikhs or learners by our nature as humans.
The issue is we are poor at being disciples, Sikhs, learners because we don’t listen well enough or at all to our Sat Gur.
We don’t recognize the jewel that is the Sat Gur.
One who does is the Gurmukh.
Anyways that should clear up the idea of their being external Gurus: people/ books.