Is It Okay To Listen To A "Morning Prayer?"


at night for yourself??

I always do all my prayers myself, but I found this version of Chaupai Sahib and I think I am addicted to it, I have the urge to listen to it all the time, even at night etc.

Thank you so much!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguruji Ki Fateh, Sat Sri Akal.


re: Is it okay to listen to a "Morning Prayer?"

Why wouldn't it be ok?

Chaupai is also an 'evening prayer'.
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I think Harry ji is getting to a subtle layer of experience with his recent comment. Play out this scenario. It is not difficult to imagine. A kaur likes Chaupai Sahib ji and says it with burst of enthusiasm whenever during the day or night she is moved to do so. So far so good, because she is expressing love when and where she feels love. A few years into her life she becomes very involved in community, gurdwara activities, discussion groups. It becomes evident to all that she is saying Chaupai several times a day. Maybe she even lets it slip. This is really hard for "traditionalists" to understand. So, they start a rumor mill and find lame arguments for excluding her from participation. On the grounds that she is an eccentric or worse a heretic. Does anyone think this sort of thing doesn't happen in the real world of the "church?" That's why a person could get a little nervous. My personal response is that one can and should say Chaupai as one pleases, because there are many years ahead when, in trying to please everyone, you will please no one. Might as well please Waheguru.
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