"Gareeb Kaa Mooh" (the mouth of the poor) is the "Guru Kaa Golak" (the donation box of the Guru)"

When the poor or beggars are PUT IN YOUR PATH, what is your moral choice? Why did these people cross your path at the time and place they did? Do you have an "instinct" to give and help? Should we be more worried about being deceived by an "actor" or should we take advantage of the opportunity to GIVE to those who appear to be far less fortunate than we are? Can you tell the difference between the mentally ill and the "actors" we just don't judge. Do you desire to GIVE because you want to help, period.

Mostly when you give money to the homeless, you're generally encouraging laziness and begging. Why work when gullible souls out there will give you some cash for nothing? Is it possible that someone fell on hard times and needs and honest hand up? Certainly - let us not stereotyping every homeless/poor person as a beggar who's going to score some drugs or alcohol with your money. However, that little bit of cash isn't going to help them completely to restablish that person's life.

Part of it is that if I'm going to GIVE money, I'd like to at least have an idea where it's going. When giving money to the poor always consider, for what "end purpose" it will be used. Use reasoning, not that moment's emotions. If he/she does drugs/alcohol , are you helping with his "sin" & be held spiritually accountable ? Always endeavour to give money to a cause that will help good, honest people who need a hand up, as opposed to 'helping' every beggar with a sob story, e.g. donate to the food bank, soup kitchen, shelters for the poor, etc.

- from a soulfriend