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Focus on Shabad SatGuru


Sat Sri Akaal,
Who is Sat Guru
Sat TRUTH or Pure or Non Dual

Guru Humans who have revealed the TRUTH ie Revealed Purity of word forms through logical self investigation of TRUTH.

Not by reading of translations or by saying of others, but ultimately by self logical investigation.

It is inner phenomenon of investigation to get purity.

Not an external person, external person can be a guide, to the process, but to conclude and understand in a logical way, is internal perspective.

Those who can not question human Gurus are turning as bhakats and human Gurus who cannot answer have become absolute researchers of inner awareness, though the can not resolve query.
Listening is key to human learning.
Gurus dont listen to query and one cannot discuss any thought.
They just have believe on One way transmission and lack cross communication skills which are key to.learning and get conclusions of TRUTH, it leads to ONE approach as conclusion to ONE as ultimate and non dual TRUTH, but have humility to listen and resolve query.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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