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Eminent Grewal Personalities of Gadar Movement-4 GYANI NAHAR SINGH GREWAL GUJJARWAL

Dalvinder Singh Grewal

Jan 3, 2010
Eminent Grewal Personalities of Gadar Movement-4

Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal
Prof Emeritus Desh Bhagat University
(Excerpts from the book Global Grewals of Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal)

Gyani Nahar Singh Gujjarwal s/o Sardar Thakur Singh was born in 1892 AD. He got his primary education at a village primary school and high school education at Malwa Khalsa High School Ludhiana. He started a Youth Association in the school and remained its secretary. Hr used this association for propagating Sikhism and for independence from the British. He regularly attended Gurdwara functions daily as well. He keenly studied the lives of the freedom fighters. He got attached to Sardar Kartar Singh Sarabha and became a part of his Gadar movement. Due to the seditious activities of Gadarites, he was given 10 years imprisonment in the second Lahore Conspiracy case on 30th March 1916. He was released from jail after 5 years. Thereafter, he started working for the Akali Movement with full zeal, dedication, and commitment. He started the paper 'Asli Kaumi Dard' under his editorship for propagating freedom with the help of NRIs who sent money for running the paper. This paper was published in a number of years. He was later the editor of 'Dusht Daman', 'Gur Sewak', 'Panjabi Ratan, and 'Khalsa Advocate papers. He also edited and published over a dozen books by Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh. After independence, his book 'Panjab dian Lehran' was honoured by the Punjab government with an award of Rs 1100/-. He passed Gyani and OT from Khalsa College Amritsar and served in District Board Ludhiana for some months. He was very keen in teaching. In 1944, he started teaching at Khalsa High School Gurusar Sudhar. He worked with great interest and was very much liked by the students and the staff. He passed his BA at the age of 63 years. Gyani Nahar Singh was a top-class news editor and well-known writer who wrote till the end of his life. His interests included the fight for freedom, struggle for the people, religious service, and education. His son Mrigind Singh Grewal was a Wing Commander in Air Force who died young in an air crash (43).

swarn bains

Apr 8, 2012
grewal sahib. i am in florida for a few days. i am not familiar with lap top computer. i have hard time writing and sending on any site. swo please forgive me that i did not put any comments on your poem sat kartar. regardding gadar party. kartar saisngh sarabha was young and the british let him go. so that he will make mistakes and then they will arrest him and punish him. there were 5 other people from the same village who were hanged but they are forgotton. from your poetry in chandigarh. you are a great man and must have a good giddad parchi to join those highly acclaimed poets and speakers.