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  1. IJSingh

    Misls Sikh Misls - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

    Sikh Misls, Part One: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow by I.J. SINGH The Roundtable Open Forum # 56 Misls - Sikh confederacies - have a longer history than we think and are more critical to Sikh history than we give them credit for. We have forgotten their past, if we ever learned it...
  2. Archived_Member16

    Yesterday's Door !

    Yesterday's Door I have shut the door on yesterday, Its sorrows and mistakes. I have locked within its gloomy walls Past failures and mistakes. And now I throw the key away, And seek another room. And furnish it with hope and smiles, And every spring-time bloom. No thought shall enter this abode...
  3. N

    Yesterday Once More By Khushwant Singh

    Yesterday once more by Khushwant Singh I discovered at the cost of considerable time and trouble that writing about the immediate past is more difficult and hazardous than writing about the hoary past. Past history has fewer records for reference and the people you write about are not there...