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  1. spnadmin

    Islam Saudi Woman's Lashing Sentence Undermines Voting Breakthrough

    Saudi rights groups claimed on Wednesday that a decision to sentence a woman to 10 lashes for driving her car was payback by the ruling class for this week's landmark speech by King Abdullah, which cleared the way for women to participate in elections. The sentence is believed to be the first...
  2. Arvind

    A Woman's Journey To IAF Top Post

    Ref: http://headlines.sify.com/news/fullstory.php?id=13620697&headline=A~woman's~journey~to~IAF~top~post Tuesday, 30 November , 2004, 14:38 Bangalore: As a young girl with a "very conservative Iyer background" as she puts it, Padma knew nothing about the Armed Forces in the early 1960s...