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  1. spnadmin

    Women And Wellness: Giving Our Children A Moral Compass

    Women and Wellness - Giving our children a moral compass GITA ARJUN How do we go about instilling the right values in our children? Rashmita was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. Her two teenage children were chattering away with visiting friends. She was not paying much attention...
  2. Archived_Member16

    Spiritual Wellness

    Spiritual wellness is the quest for meaning, value and purpose resulting in hope, joy, courage and gratitude. It is the ability to find peace and balance in our lives in which our values and ethics match our actions. Spiritual Wellness involves self evaluation of personal beliefs. It is learning...
  3. S

    Marriage Satisfaction And Wellness In India And The United States: A Preliminary Comparison Of Arran

    Forty-five individuals (22 couples and 1 widowed person) living in arranged marriages in India completed questionnaires measuring marital satisfaction and wellness. The data were compared with existing data on individuals in the United States living in marriages of choice...