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  1. Archived_Member16

    Amrit Wela

    AMRIT WELA "Amritweal Sach Nao Wadiayee Wichar" (2) Guru Nanak says that Amrit Wela (the ambrosial hour of dawn) is best to meditate on His Holy Name, His greatness and to win His pleasure and blessing. Gurbani again says : "Babiha Amrit Welai Boliya Tan Dar Sun Pukar" (1225) The...
  2. T

    Amrit Wela

    I have another query. I would like to ask that at what time i am suppose to wake up in the morning according to Guru Granth Sahib? It is clearly specified in the Japji Sahib that we should get up early in the morning (Amrit wela) . But our Guru Granth Sahib also emphasize on living freely, not...