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    Sikh News Cops: Sikh Student Victim Of Hate Crime (WCBS-TV New York)

    As an observant Sikh, 15-year-old Vacher Harpal had never had his hair cut until an older teenager at his high school chopped it off in what authorities are calling a hate crime. The older youth, Umair Ahmed, 17, violated Harpal's religious beliefs by forcibly removing the sobbing victim's...
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    Sikh News Queens Teen Arrested For Snipping Sikh's Hair (WCBS-TV New York)

    A teenager was arrested on menacing and other charges after he chopped off a fellow high school student's hair, violating his religious beliefs, police said. The 15-year-old victim is a Sikh, police said. The faith calls for men to wear their hair long, and many wear turbans. More...