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  1. Kellysingh

    Wanting To Be A Kirtan/Raag/Shabad Musician

    wjkk wjkf Hi everyone, it has been sometime since ive visited these forums with a question. and that my knowledge is tiny but i was wondering how to go about to be a raag/shabad/kirtan muscian? i am hoping to purchase a Tanpura (i think that how it spelled). i enjoy it sound or lack of a...
  2. Randip Singh

    UK Jonathan Aitkens Girl Alexandra Sikhs New Lifestyle

    Jonathan Aitken’s girl Sikhs a new lifestyle . . . Last updated at 2:04 AM on 27th October 2010 Old Etonian *Jonathan Aitken has made a career out of re-*inventing himself, from war correspondent and TV mogul to Tory MP and jailbird — and, last but by no means least, a born-again...
  3. S

    Sikh Girl Wanting To Marry White Guy

    Hi We are in a situation and need help and advice. I am a sikh british girl and I am in a relationship with a white guy, however he looks indian and (his nan is from india, yet his mother and father are white) We both love eachother so so much and we want to get married and share our lives with...