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    General Babaji Ranjit Singh Dhandrian Wale, Simple Living High Thinking

    Our revered very simple Babas who lead very simple life and preach the public, and guide them to live simple living and high thinking, in those so called preachers of our society is :Baba Ranjit Singh Dhandrian wale who has having a very simple living : just an example, he has having an I-phone...
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    Hinduism We Should Not Try To Divide People In Religion, Ethnicity, Financial Status, Profession And Interest

    We should not try to divide the people in religion, ethnicity, financial status, profession and interest ---- Swami Sumedhanand (Chambe Wale) Phagwara, February 20, 2012: (Rajneesh Madhok) Today in the premises of Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Phagwara on the occasion of Shivratri...
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    Shabd Bibi Kirandeep Kaur Mohaliwale

    12 years old Kirandeep Kaur appreciated by audience (Sangat) for a better performance in recital of Kirtan gurbani in various kirtan program, for more visit www.amritbani.info YouTube - biba kirandeep kaur performing kirtan at etc punjabi