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  1. SikhiStore

    Vismaad 2012 Film - Bhai Subeg Singh Shahbaz Singh

    Vismaad, who are the producers of the great animated Sikh films like Sahibzade and Bhai Taru Singh have now released BHAI SUBEG SINGH SHAHBAZ SINGH. They have been carrying out theatrical showing for a few months, and now their DVD is finally available to the Worldwide Sangat. Show Vismaad your...
  2. spnadmin

    Dasam Granth: A Look At The "core" Problems (from Vismad)

    <!-- google_ad_section_start(name=default) --> “Dasam” Granth - A Look At The Core Problems vismad: “Dasam” Granth - A Look At The Core Problems By Gaurav Singh Like so many other issues that contemporary Sikhs choose to deal with, this issue is contrived and, indeed, a red herring...
  3. Admin

    Time To Help Vismaad Productions

    Thanks to the buffoonery of Bollywood and a complete image assassination by our own Punjabi Cinema, we Sikhs have finally realized that the only way to counter an unacceptable expression of thought is to create a more powerful one - coming straight from our heart. ‘Creativity' and not...
  4. Admin

    Bhai Taru Singh, A Movie By Vismaad Productions

    babania kehania put saput karaen || The stories of one’s ancestors make the children good children. (Guru Amar Das, Raag Raamkalee, Page 951 of Guru Granth Sahib) The American writer Muriel Rukeyser once said that the universe is made up, not of atoms, but of stories. This especially holds...