1. findingmyway

    Controversial The Wiles Of Woman: Research And Statistics To Represent An Alternative Viewpoint

    There has been a lot of comment on SPN recently about the wiles of women and how careful men have to be. One third of the DG is dedicated to this topic and it has been used as a reason to malign women and treat them as inferior citizens. 'Educating' only one group about the bad points of the...
  2. Chaan Pardesi

    SciTech What Is The Sikh Viewpoint On Euthanasia, Mercy Killing Or Assisted Suicide?

    WHAT IS THE SIKH VIEWPOINT ON EUTHANASIA, MERCY KILLING OR ASSISTED SUICIDE? There has been a massive debate about this subject, but not among Sikhs;neither from a Sikh viewpoint.For many number of reasons they either do not feel comfortable with it or pretend it does not exist.Two more reasons...
  3. S

    How To Recite Gurbani: A Viewpoint

    Mool Mantar Mool-Mantar is the basic, or fundamental formula and reads - Ikk-O-Ankaar Satte-Naamu Kartaa Purukhu Nir-Bhaao Nir-Vaaeru Akaal Moorat-e Ajoonee Saae-bhann Gur-parsaad.e
  4. N

    Happiness Viewpoint: A Deeper Sense Of Happiness

    Happiness Viewpoint: A Deeper Sense of Happiness BY PANKAJ MISHRA Buddhism teaches that the mind, not the wallet, is the path to contentment Walking out of a Buddhist bookstore in San Francisco early this month, I heard from the radio of a passing car the voice of U.S. President George W...