1. findingmyway

    First Victoria Cross Awarded To A Non Commisioned Officer Of The Indian Army To Go Under The Hammer

    London. October 23, 2012. Spink announced today that it will offer for sale the Indian Mutiny V.C. awarded to Sergeant Major (later Lieutenant) Peter Gill of the Loodiana Regiment. The Victoria Cross, which is the highest military decoration bestowed for bravery and gallantry in the face of the...
  2. spnadmin

    Heritage Victoria Girls' High School, Taught In Heritage

    V\LAHORE: Victoria Girls High School is a government girl's school inside the walled city of Lahore and is housed in a nineteenth century Sikh period haveli of Naunihal Singh, the son of Maharajah Ranjeet Singh. The haveli is one of the few remaining royal residences from the Sikh period in...
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    Pacific First Sikh Officer Joins Victoria Police

    First Sikh officer joins Victoria police Posted Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:10pm AEDT The first officer of the Sikh faith has been inducted into Victoria Police. Constable Amitoj Singh graduated from the Police Academy wearing a newly designed police-issue turban, featuring the service's...
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    Pacific Crime Against Indians An Old Problem: Victoria Police Chief

    The Hindu : News / International : Crime against Indians an old problem: Victoria police chief Indians are over-represented in robbery statistics and there is a racist element to some attacks, Chief Commissioner Simon Overland said, according to media reports here Victoria’s top cop on...
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    S Asia Keeping Up With The Singhs! Third Most Common Surname In Victoria, Australia

    Keeping up with the ... Singhs! by MANPREET KAUR SINGH The makers of the Bollywood flick Singh is Kinng may have known something about Australia when they chose to shoot the film here. In a case of real life taking a direct cue from the reel...
  6. S

    Sikh News Sikh Students Can Carry Kirpan To School In Victoria (Express India)

    Sikh students would be allowed to carry kirpans or daggers to school, following a recommendation by a parliamentary committee... More...