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  1. Chaan Pardesi

    The Vanishing Turban, Erodes The Magnificent Sikh Identity

    The Vanishing Turban Erodes the Magnificent SIKH Identity As many Sikhs shed the most important article of their faith,the hair grown to the natural length , the size and length of the Sikh turban shrinks in size for those who religiously continue to maintain their long uncut hair shrinks...
  2. spnadmin

    SciTech Language Researchers Chart Vanishing Voices (video)

    Language researchers chart vanishing voices - video In a video produced by Cambridge University, anthropologist Mark Turin discusses his work helping speakers of Thangmi, a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in eastern Nepal. He aims to document disappearing languages, most of which haven't been...
  3. Archived_Member16

    The Case Of The Vanishing Groom

    The case of the vanishing groom July 06, 2010 Raveena Aulakh - The Star, Toronto Ashpreet Badwal, 35, met Manjit Shahi online in 2006 and went to India in 2007 to get married. After spending almost $12,000 fighting to get her sponsorship application approved, she was devastated to learn he...
  4. spnadmin

    S Asia Hindu-Sikh Minorities In Pakistan: The Vanishing Communities

    Hindu-Sikh Minorities in Pakistan: The Vanishing Communities Hindu-Sikh Minorities in Pakistan: The Vanishing Communities | Frontier India World Affairs - International News and Current Affairs Maloy Krishna Dhar I was inspired to write this essay by a Pakistani journalist friend...
  5. spnadmin

    Nature NASA Satellites Unlock Secret To Northern India's Vanishing Water

    NASA Satellites Unlock Secret to Northern India's Vanishing Water NASA Hydrologist Matt Rodell discusses vanishing groundwater in India. › Watch Video Groundwater resides beneath the soil surface in permeable rock, clay and sand as illustrated in this conceptual image. Many aquifers...