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    Sikh News Punjab's Export Community Cries Foul Over Rising Value Of Indian Rupee (ANI Via Yahoo

    By Sunil Kataria Amritsar, Sept 9 (ANI): The rise in value of the Indian rupees in dollar terms appears not to have augured well for country's export community, affecting exporters' competitiveness in the global market and causing the closure of many companies. In Punjab, the textile industry...
  2. Archived_Member16

    Find Value

    Find value Find something to value in another person, and you bring out the best in that person. Find something to value in any situation, and you will make the best of that situation. We tend to categorize things as either "good" or "bad." Yet few things are inherently good or bad. Usually...
  3. Archived_Member16

    What Is The Value Of Fasting ?

    Q50. What is the value of fasting? Source: "Introduction to Sikhism" Author: Gobind Singh Mansukhani Fasting is good for health but has no religious merit. Some sects of the Hindus hold very strong views on fasting. For them, fasting has some real value and has to be strictly followed...
  4. N

    The Value Of Urban Design (Planetizen)

    A new report aims to establish whether there is a persuasive case for urban design. Is there value to be gained through good urban design? What kinds of value does it offer, and how can New Zealand's towns and cities benefit...