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    Is Sikhism Against People Who Use Their Minds?

    i am debating on the other side with some people they says that in sikhi why bad words are written for people which uses their own mind (manmukhs.)everybody cannot follow gurmat then why guru ji wrote bad words for them?
  2. N

    Christianity Surfer Uses Film To Share Message Of Christianity (Myrtle Beach Online)

    KITTY HAWK, N.C. - Just down the road from where the Wright brothers left from the beach for the skies, Noah Snyder began his own journey upward from the Atlantic surf...
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    Capturing Laos Poet Uses Impromptu Poems To Paint Landscapes Of Neighbouring Countries (Bangkok Post

    Somewhat like a butterfly, Naovarat Pongpaiboon moves from one beautiful place to the next, in search of inspiration. Along the way, he turns his impressions into poetry...
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    Greenwich Man Uses Love Of Travel, Religion In Selling Statues (Greenwich Time)

    Kyle Tortora remembers the exact moment his life changed. He was traveling through India and had stopped in a small shop. It was there that he saw the Nataraja sculpture...