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  1. M

    Sikh Foundation Sikh Art Watch - Upcoming Auction Of Sikh Art And Daggers

    Sat Sri Akaal! The Sikh Foundation tries to keep track of Sikh Art and Artifacts that come up for sale or auction. This month Sothebys, Christies and Bonhams are all taking bids on articles from Paintings and Portraits to Daggers. Please visit our Sikh Art Watch section to learn more.
  2. spnadmin

    Heritage Anglo-Sikh Heritage Trail - Upcoming Events

    The Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail sponsored many educational talks each month in various parts of the United Kingdom. Here are some that you can still attend if you act soon. We will be including these and future events sponsored by the ASHT on the SPN Calendar on a regular basis in the coming...
  3. K

    Upcoming Barsi Celebration!

    Everywhere we look today we see countless posters, advertisments in papers or announcments on radio, tv even gurdwaras for the barsi celebration of so and so sant or baba. Are such celebrations in agreement with gurmat? We are always so quick to say that my GUru wants me to do this (i.e. keep...