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  1. Archived_Member16

    India Name Changes In Store For Girls Called Unwanted

    Name changes in store for girls called Unwanted With the country's boy-to-girl ratio at its worst, a campaign to tackle the male bias aims to do away with the gender-prejudicial moniker Agence France-Presse - October 22, 2011 More than 100 Indian girls named Unwanted by their parents...
  2. Admin

    India India's Unwanted Girls

    India's 2011 census shows a serious decline in the number of girls under the age of seven - activists fear eight million female foetuses may have been aborted in the past decade. The BBC's Geeta Pandey in Delhi explores what has led to this crisis. Kulwant has three daughters aged 24, 23 and 20...
  3. Randip Singh

    India's Unwanted Girl's

    I was sickened by this documentary today :8-(:: BBC NEWS | Programmes | This World | Harsh reality of India's unwanted girls We must do something....any ideas on how we can help?