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  1. Tejwant Singh

    Pacific Chinese City Plans To Fine Unmarried Mothers

    CHINESE CITY PLANS TO FINE UNMARRIED MOTHERS BY LOUISE WATT ASSOCIATED PRESS Jun 3, 6:10 AM EDT BEIJING (AP) -- A Chinese city's plan to fine mothers who have a child out of wedlock has sparked criticism that the policy is discriminatory and could lead to an increase in abandoned...
  2. K

    Politics Unmarried Indian Politicians

    Singles’ day out They are single, but not ready to mingle. In the ongoing General Elections, they are the faces of their respective parties and will play a major role in the post-poll scenario. Team Day After explores how important these leaders are in the 15th Lok Sabha elections What is...
  3. S

    Islam Muslim-Sikh Unmarried Relationship In The UK

    Hello there, I'm in the process of writing a work of fiction (as part of my degree) set in the UK, involving a young Muslim woman and a young Sikh man who fall in love and embark upon a relationship. The young woman becomes pregnant and the story is set over the course of her pregnancy...