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  1. Rory

    Universality, Intention In Sikhism & Other Religions

    A few things which struck suddenly 5 minutes ago about "revealed" religions (I include Sikhi in this to an extent) - if a person is somehow stranded on a desert island, or for some reason it is impossible for them to learn about the religion, what happens then? Or what happens if you are...
  2. G

    Sikhi: A New Book About A New Outlook

    Waheguruji ka Khalsa! Waheguruji ki Fateh! By the grace of Akal Purakh and with the blessings of Guruji, I feel most grateful to be able to share with you the news that I have just been able to publish on-line a new book with a new outlook on Sikhi. My own view, is that this was the original...
  3. D

    Universality Of The Sikh Philosophy: An Analysis

    Courtesy: Dhillon, S.S. "Universality of the Sikh Philosophy: An Analysis" The Sikh Review, Volume 52:5, Number 605, pages 15-20, May 2004 UNIVERSALITY OF THE SIKH PHILOSOPHY: AN ANALYSIS Dr Sukhraj S Dhillon, PhD Cary, NC 27511, USA Not only the western world, but most...