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  1. Astroboy

    Christianity Is Science Undermining Early Christian And Jewish Beliefs

    I found this video to have re-constructed some of the the meanings from the Old Testaments. Please view and give your comments. Ancient Aircraft & Spaceship Evidence - YouTube
  2. Archived_Member16

    Opinion Undermining Free Will

    Undermining Free Will BY PAUL DAVIES You don't have to read this article. But if you do, could you have chosen otherwise? You probably feel that you were free to skip over it, but were you? Belief in some measure of free will is common to all cultures and a large part of what makes us...
  3. BhagatSingh

    Undermining Sikhism

    Ignoring what I have written above and below the actual content...:D read on! Aad ji, You mentioned in another part of the forum that one of the rules is to not "Undermine Sikhism". I wanted to ask and thought this would be the perfect place to do so. How would one go about "undermining...
  4. drkhalsa

    Islam Muslim Schools Accused Of 'undermining Our Society

    Muslim schools accused of 'undermining our society' By Liz Lightfoot, Education Correspondent (Filed: 18/01/2005) David Bell, the chief inspector of schools, angered Muslim leaders yesterday when he accused many Islamic schools of undermining the coherence of British society. The growing...