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  1. K

    Types Of Karas

    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Ka Khalsa, wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh Greetings, everyone, I have a question. There are now different designs of the kara; I have seen some that are ridge, some that are smooth, and I have been wondering how the different forms of karas have come about. A friend gave me one that is...
  2. Harry Haller

    How Many Different Types Of Sikhs Are There?

    HMmmmmmm Gursikh obviously Sehajdhari Sikhs Keshdhari Sikhs Namdhari Sikhs Healthy Happy Holy Sikhs AKJ Sikhs Nirankari Sikhs Self called Sikhs Patit Sikhs Petite Sikhs Nihang Sikhs Udasi Sikhs Sanatan Sikhs Nirmala Sikhs Seva Panthi Sikhs Any I missed out?
  3. Luckysingh

    MUKTI- Different Types And What Gurbani Says

    Mukti or liberation is freedom from all attachments that are part of the world illusion. Hence, this is why so many have associated it with or after death. However these concepts are not in line with jeevan mukti, which is being liberated whilst alive. Many scriptures at the times of the...
  4. Luckysingh

    20 Types Of Gurdwara Goers !

    20 Types of Gurdwara-Goers The following is a list of twenty observable categories of Sikhs who come to Gurdwara. This list is constructed on the basis of personal observation and the categories are by no means exhaustive. Nor are they mutually exclusive. Check and see which category (ies)...
  5. Navdeep88

    Types Of Seva

    What are the different types of Seva? There is the physical seva, if you help out in the langar hall, or help clean etc. There is an auntie who does a LOT of seva, literally runs the kitchen (& I'm pretty sure she doesn't get paid for it, but does it for the love of it). I once hear a...
  6. R

    Are There Different Types Of Sikhs?

    Connected thread http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/new-to-sikhism/29471-questions-from-non-sikhs-to-sikhs.html#post122540 Hi guys! Okay, so I was having a lot of trouble in regards to starting a new thread - I'm finding a bit difficult to navigate my way around, so I thought I'd just post my...
  7. H

    5 Types Of Sikhi

    I heard this is in Katha. I apologize for the mistakes in my translation, but here are the basics. 1. "Dekha thi Sikhi - The type of Sikhi you take on because you see someone else do it. "Dekh" = To see. This one does not last very long. Guruji does not accept this ("parvaan") type of Sikhi...
  8. S

    Leisure IQ Measures Only Three Out Of Seven Types Of Intelligence

    IQ measures only three out of seven types of intelligence We tend to think that people with higher IQ are more intelligent than people with lower IQ. Ok, but if you take a group of people with perfectly functioning brains and with normal psychological makeup, are the ones with higher IQ really...