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  1. Harkiran Kaur

    Leisure Practicing Tying Dumalla

    Okay, so I decided to try to tie dumalla. The fabric is brand new, mul mul... and it's a bit stiff (not washed or anything) so it turned out a bit loose, but overall I like how I look in it! I *think* I figured out the basics of it anyway... Brings me to my question, is Dumalla only for...
  2. Harkiran Kaur

    Tying Dastar All The Time Now. My Experiences

    Okay so my city is small, and we have a small Punjabi / Sikh community here. Only one other girl ties a dastar, and occasionally we have one or two others from Toronto etc come to the Gurdwara. So obviously I stand out... and I mean I REALLY stand out, being not only gori now but also tying...
  3. Harkiran Kaur

    Leisure Turban Tying

    I am only posting two pics for the purpose of opinions on if I am finally getting the hang of this... I can't seem to make a V no matter how hard I try... It starts out as one, but ends up with the point more towards one side than the other, or one side of the V is looser than the other... so...
  4. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Sikhism Singh Saba Of New Jersey Turban Tying Contest

    YouTube - Sikh Sabha of New Jersey Turban Tying Competition
  5. spnadmin

    India Pride Of Tying Turbans: Crowns For The Commoner

    Folded or twisted like a rope and tied in a myriad ways around the head, with interesting regional and individual variations, the turban worn by the Indian male is much more than a headgear. An unstitched length of cloth, its style of tying concedes details of the wearer — that could...
  6. H

    Tying A Neat, Single Patti Turban?

    How do you correct fold (the diaganol fold or poni) for a single patti turban?? I'd like my turban to be neat and compact - a single(not a double patti), but I can't get the fold right. so basically what I do is I just fold it in half and half again( a rectangular sort of fold) and it...
  7. Admin

    FAQs When Do Sikhs Start Tying Turbans?

    Sikhs usually start tying the under-turban, called a patka, when they begin pre-school. They can choose to tie the larger turban, called a pagri, at any age; some start in high school and others when they go to college.
  8. Admin

    Sikhism The Tying Of A Sikh Turban

    YouTube - The Tying of a Sikh Turban
  9. S

    Turban Tying Awareness Video

    Turban Tying Awareness Video YouTube - Turban Tying Awareness Video
  10. Admin

    Tying Bonds Of Unity At Guru Ki Maseet

    AS the light in the gurdwara courtyard grew golden, an unusual meeting took place between Baba Kirtan Singh, head of the Nihang Taran Dal in Baba Bakala, and Dr Mohammad Rizwanul Haque, Secretary of the Central Wakf Council, Delhi. The two men sat facing each other on simple string charpoys to...
  11. drkhalsa

    Tying Turban - No Tenuous Tie This

    Tying turban: No tenuous tie this By Divya Sethi - Ldh Newsline Aug 13, 2005, 06:49 A student teaches the traditional way of tying the turban to fellow youngsters Ludhiana, Dilpreet has a mission set for his life. In the present day when spikes, Salman Khan’s style of hair is becoming...
  12. drkhalsa

    Sikh News Special Software To Help Tying Turban !

    Mr Singh International on the anvil Neeraj Bagga Influenced by the modern culture, many Sikh youths are giving up the tradition of tying turban. To counter the onslaught of the Western culture and persuade young Sikhs to tie turban, the Akal Purkh Ki Fauj (APKF) has chalked...