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turban women chunni

  1. be_still

    Questions From A New Sikh

    Hello all! I am fully ready to convert to the Sikh faith, because I believe it is the way I was meant for.. (long story). But, as a "white" women, it is hard to "be" a Sikh. I have been to my local Gurdwara, but the only other white women there talks about Kundilini, and not the religion. I am a...
  2. carolineislands

    Turban Or Scarf For Women?

    I have noticed that most Sikh women wear scarves except the Sikh women in the United States who wear a turban AND a scarf. Am I wrong? Why the difference? Is one more traditional than the other? Is there philosophical differences at play or is the turban vs chunni (is that right?) just a...