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  1. Admin

    USA Tragedy In Tucson, Arizona Shooting: The Youngest Victim

    Christina Taylor Green's patriotism was inspired by a tragedy on her birth date — Sept. 11, 2001. Another national tragedy took the third-grader's life. Christina was shot and killed Saturday, along with five other people killed outside a supermarket where a neighbor had taken her to meet...
  2. spnadmin

    USA Congresswoman Giffords Shot In Tucson

    TUCSON — Gabrielle Giffords, a congresswoman from Arizona, was shot in the head on Saturday at a public event held at a grocery store in Tucson. President Obama, in a statement, said that she had been “gravely wounded” and said that others had died. At least 12 people had been reported...
  3. S

    Islam Why The Quran Is Different (The Tucson Citizen)

    The Quran is more than just a book to Muslims. Some Americans are learning that amid reports and confirmation that the holy book of Islam was desecrated at a prison for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba...