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  1. namjiwankaur

    Trick Or Treat

    Sat Nam _/|\_ What do Sikhs think of Halloween? I know some Muslims consider it haram because it goes back to pagan times, etc.. Do Sikhs let their kids dress up on Halloween? Or is it frowned on? How do you all personally feel about Halloween? Blessings, Nam Jiwan :-)
  2. Caspian

    Controversial The Legendary Ganga Sagar: An Investigation Of Its Structure And Properties

    I haven't posted in a few months :p my last post got wayyyyy tooo hectic, I couldn't keep up with it in all honesty. But now onto the Ganga Sagar There's a reason why I opted to put this thread in the "controversies" section. But that's simply because I believe its a fraud. I know of a great...
  3. S

    Sikh News India's Spin Trick Spells Double Trouble For Pakistan

    ... Nicknamed the "Turbanator" after his awesome performance against Steve Waugh's Australian side four years ago, the Sikh has been going from strength to ... http://pakistantimes.net/2005/03/08/sports2.htm
  4. J

    Trick To Pass The Exams!

    Padna-likhna chad pare, Nakal te rakh aas, chak Rajai te So jaa bhagta, Rabb karuga paas!!!