1. Archived_Member16

    UK 'Trapped' Illegal Immigrants Sleep On Streets

    'Trapped' Illegal Immigrants Sleep On Streets News with video link :
  2. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Controversial Children Of Gaza: Scarred, Trapped Vengeful

    Children of Gaza: Scarred, trapped, vengeful Sunday, March 14 Topics Gaza | | 0comments | <script src="{censored}t=utf-8&style=default&publisher=1da84861-38c1-480d-8600-29ced27257d3"...
  3. G

    Help Please! Trapped Between My In-law's Beliefs And Mine

    how do you change this trend? my nephews (age 10 & 14) put up an argument with me in terms of religion. Their ability to convince their parents about cutting hair was absolutely shocking. the kids argued that it is more important to be close to God by heart, and mind, not physical appearance...