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  1. J

    Hard Talk Is Sikhism Declining?

    This current generation, religon is decreasing ,but I am okay with it. We all have our own personal beliefs, but I am concerned about Sikhi. There are these fake groups that convert Sikhs to their cults or they just leave Sikhism. Is it true that Sikhism is declining in the young generation or no?
  2. aristotle

    USA Atheists Step In To Help Ohio Pastor Assaulted By ‘militant Atheist’

    A prominent Chicago atheist is reaching out to an Ohio pastor who was brutally beaten by a self-proclaimed “militant atheist” after a church service on Oct. 20. Hemant Mehta, author of the Friendly Atheist blog and two books on atheism, offered to raise money to cover the medical bills or...
  3. spnadmin

    Christianity Vatican To Reach Out To Atheists

    By Francis X. Rocca Religion News Service VATICAN CITY -- The Vatican announced a new initiative aimed at promoting dialogue between theists and atheists to be launched with a two-day event this March in Paris. The Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture will sponsor a series of seminars...
  4. spnadmin

    Atheism Rational Theists And Rational Atheists Of The World, Unite!

    Rational Theists and Rational Atheists of the World, Unite! Alan Krinsky: Rational Theists and Rational Atheists of the World, Unite! Rationality and hope possess the potential to bring Atheists and Theists together to better our world. The New Atheists -- Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, Hitchens...
  5. D

    The Fight Between Atheists And Theists:

    The atheists believe the logical conclusions based on practical experience and in things present before the naked eye (perception). The real spiritual knowledge can satisfy all these requirements. The human incarnation of the God is before the eyes. All the bonds with family and wealth are...