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    Movies William Peter Blatty, Writer Of ‘The Exorcist,’ Slips Back Into The Light For Its 40th Anniversary

    William Peter Blatty, writer of ‘The Exorcist,’ slips back into the light for its 40th anniversary...
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    World ‘The Attack’: Lebanese Director’s Film About Suicide Bombing Gets Israeli Premiere

    ‘The Attack’: Lebanese director’s film about suicide bombing gets Israeli premiere By Anne-Marie O’Connor...
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    The Martyrdom Of Banda Singh ‘The Brave’

    The Martyrdom Of Banda Singh ‘The Brave’ Excerpted From The Book Sikh History By Sardar Kartar Singh and Wikipedia Editors note: Muslim barbarity towards Sikhs knew no limits. At least two determined efforts were made to exterminate all living Sikhs. The excerpt...
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    ‘The Lion Of The Punjab’ – Gama In England, 1910

    ‘The Lion of the Punjab’ – Gama in England, 1910 by Graham Noble Copyright © Graham Noble 2002. All rights reserved. Editor’s note: The term "Indian," as used in these articles, is geographical and historical rather than political, and refers to the citizens of British India, a region that...