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  1. namjiwankaur

    Christianity Remembering Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa was remembered today on the 15th anniversary of her death. Doesn't seem its been that long. I'm trying to remember if I heard that she may become a saint. Does anyone else know if that is happening or not? I think it takes 2 miracles to get it started, but I'm not sure. kaurhug
  2. spnadmin

    Christianity Mother Teresa: A Remembrance

    This day marks the birth centenary of a simple nun who, through her work among the poorest of the poor, became the conscience-keeper of her century. Today, August 26, 2010, the birth centenary of Mother Teresa will be marked with celebration and thanksgiving in many parts of the world...
  3. N

    Sikh News Yogi Joins Mother Teresa, Pope In US List (Express India)

    The passage of a unanimous resolution by US Congress last month honouring the late Yogi Bhajan, a popular Sikh religious leader in the United States, is being celebrated this week at the Capitol...