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    Would You Punish Your Child Without Telling Them Why?

    What would you call a person who feels someone has committed a heinous crime and that this someone should be punished (understandable ) but suppose that someone loses his memory of what he had done ! and now he has effectively become in his own perception an innocent person but you remember...
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    Controversial A Preacher Telling Guru Nanaks Guru Was Kabir And Other Misinterpretations

    Hello folks, now i never want to start inter religion controversy but this one is surely of the next level for example he says kabir is guru of guru nanak!!!! and he says god is not nirakar but sakar example he gives is this मलार महला १ ॥ (Page 1257, श्री गुरु ग्रंथ साहिब जी) - गुरु...
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    Sikhism And Fortune Telling

    I often get confused, whether to believe on the people who tell fortune or not. I have never been able to find an answer because there are some people who have been able to tell what is going to happen in my life, what happened in my past life and what I am thinking to do. For instance, this...