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    Sikh News Sikh School Warned After Cash-for-places Inquiry (

    Sikh school warned after cash-for-places inquiry (*http%3A// Array Sat, 29 Oct 2005 23:38:58 GMT Parents trying to secure a place for their...
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    Buddhism Tibet: Going Round In Circles On The Road To Nirvana (

    Some go to Tibet's sacred Mount Kailash seeking epiphanies; others for adventure. Claire Scobie joins the pilgrims.*http%3A//
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    Sikh News Crumbling Places Of Worship Given £7m Boost (

    A Sikh temple, a Moravian missionary church and a synagogue were among 83 crumbling places of worship awarded £7 million in grants for conservation.*http%3A//
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    Sikh News Cinemas Bombed As They Show 'anti-Sikh' Film (

    At least one person has been killed and 50 injured by explosions in two New Delhi cinemas during screenings of a controversial film condemned by Sikhs.*http%3A//