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  1. Admin

    Evolution, A Sikhi Perspective By Tejwant Singh Ji Malik

    (The following lecture was delivered by Tejwant Singh ji in an interfaith forum on Evolution held at The Mormon Church. As Church authorities do not allow such events to be video taped inside the Church Premises, we are ever so grateful to Tejwant Singh ji for making this lecture available...
  2. Tejwant Singh

    Mother Tongue

    Mother Tongue | by Mr. Balraz Sahni =500750521&p[]=389014772510"] Those days I was a teacher at Shantiniketan. One day I went to invite Rabindernath Tagore for the annual Hindi Sammelan, when he started a discussion with me. During the course of our conversation he asked "Besides teaching...
  3. Admin

    Sikhism Battle For The Khyber Pass By Tejwant Singh

    Behind the Battle for the Khyber Pass by Tejwant Singh To buy visit website: Home Page - Tejwant Singh - Battle for the Khyber Pass I have always been fascinated by the Khyber Pass, which lies near my boyhood home in Punjab. Today, America, Pakistan and...