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    Sikh News Punjab Turns The Tables On Orissa (The Hindu)

    MOHALI: Punjab turned the tables on Orissa on an action-packed third day of the Ranji Trophy Super League here on Wednesday. Despite conceding a 98-run first innings lead, the home side fought back through V.R.V. Singh. The Punjab ... More...
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    Sikh News Making Sense Of League Tables

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/4175525.stm Making sense of league tables BBC News, UK - 1 hour ago ... A very high proportion are religious schools. Indeed the top two are Muslim and Sikh respectively. These are cultures which place great value on education. ...
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    Is It Ok To Have Langar On Chairs And Tables?

    I m not aware of the practices in the gurudwaras worldwide, but usually its seen that quite a few number of gurudwars in North america have chairs n tables in the langar hall and there is a quite a number of sangat that sits there and take langar. so, Is it against maryada to have langar on...